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Riverland Advocacy Service


Riverland Advocacy Service © 2017 |www.riverlandadvocacy.org.au | All Rights Reserved -Riverland Advocacy Service is a branch office of DRAS Inc which is part of the Australian Network of Disability Advocacy Services funded by the Australian Government

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RAS is a Berri based service established to advocate for the needs of people with a disability, their families and carers in the Riverland area.

The Multicultural Advocacy & Liaison Service of South Australia (MALSSA) inc established its Riverland Advocacy Service (RAS) in 2002. RAS mainly provides individual advocacy to people with a disability and their carers throughout the Riverland region. RAS is operated on 22.6 hours per week over 4 days.

Graham McNaughton was employed in May 2009 as the advocate for the Riverland office.

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Riverland Advocacy Service is a regional office of DRAS which is part of the Australian network of Disability Advocacy services funded by the Australian government.

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